Strictly speaking Prosthodontics is the replacement of missing natural teeth. Traditionally this was carried out with the provision of removable dentures. Modern techniques provide fixed solutions including bridges and implants.

Conventional Bridges
This treatment involves the preparation or reduction of natural teeth so that a series of crowns can be used to support the artificial tooth or “pontic”.

Minimal preparation or “sticky” bridges
With the advent of modern adhesive technology preparation or reduction of natural teeth can be avoided by the use of glues to bond the artificial tooth or pontic directly to natural teeth.

“Implants” exploit the natural healing of the body called “osseo-integration” around titanium. This allows a cylindrical or tapered post to be directly inserted into the bone to become an artificial root which can be used to support crowns and bridges. Implants can be used to replace single and multiple teeth in each jaw. To learn more, please click here.