Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry

These terms are used to suggest treatments designed to improve the appearance of teeth and gums. We believe that the basis of an attractive smile is healthy teeth and gums in the absence of disease. All our restorative treatment is designed with appearance in mind; this includes simple white fillings and tooth whitening to more complex procedures such as veneers, crowns, bridges and implants, often involving a multi-disciplinary approach. With this in mind a maintenance program is always designed and recommended.

It is becoming increasingly recognised that the absence of dental disease is paramount to ensuring general health and wellbeing.

All our clinicians are pleased to discuss treatments to improve appearance.


Here at LATCHFORD AND LATCHFORD we only use tooth-coloured composite fillings.  The obvious advantage is that the fillings are the same colour as the tooth and blend seamlessly.  Bonding techniques are used to improve retention of the filling and the strength of the tooth.  They can be used to restore teeth damaged by decay or simple fractures.  Composite can also be used to build up and alter the shape of teeth to further improve appearance.



This treatment involves the preparation or reduction of natural teeth so that the outside of the tooth can be replaced with ceramic.  This allows improvement to the shape and colour, greatly improving the appearance, it is especially useful at the front of the mouth.  The strength of posterior teeth is improved and is usually recommended for root filled teeth to prevent against further fractures.


Veneers allow improvement to the appearance of teeth with less reduction of tooth.  Preparation is limited to the front of the tooth with replacement by ceramic which is bonded to the tooth.

Conventional Bridges

Bridges can be used to replace missing teeth.  A series of crowns are bonded together to support artificial teeth.  This can be a single crown supporting a single “pontic”, or many teeth extending to a full arch.

Minimal preparation or “sticky” bridges

Adhesive technology allows bonding directly to tooth surface.  The bridge is designed with a metal wing bonded directly to natural teeth supporting the pontics.  This avoids the need to drill or damage natural teeth.