Digital Radiography


Latest radiography techniques use sensor plates instead of wet film, just like a modern digital camera.  These detect the x-rays and record digitally.  This is an important and invaluable tool for all dentists and is used routinely in a hospital environment.  At Latchford and Latchford, we offer three different systems of radiography:

Intra Oral x-rays

Intra oral films have traditionally been used as part of normal dental practice.  A small plate is held inside the mouth and exposed to x-rays creating a digital image.


Both an x-ray source and recording plate move around the patient’s head.  This is a fairly large piece of equipment.  The exposure takes about 30 seconds, during which time the patient must keep perfectly still.

These films show all the teeth with less radiation than multiple small films inside the mouth.  However, definition is less clear so that small films may still need to be used for certain teeth.

CT Scans

Dental CT scans produce detailed 3D images using advanced computer software to analyse the x-ray data.  The dimensionally accurate images enable precise planning for implant surgery and other surgical treatments.